Monday, 18 July 2011

First attempt at Parchment Craft

I've been wanting to try this craft for a couple of years but thought I had to buy lots of tools and equipment to achieve something worthwhile but I bought a starter kit from Pergamano to get me used to using an embossing and 2-split perforating tool and realised my attempts were ok. Then I purchased a couple more perforating tools and a fine mesh grid. I searched for some patterns online and found a brilliant site - She has some truly gorgeous and amazing free patterns for download.  The concept of being able to make a miniature bag from parchment paper with the tools I had inspired me to give it a go. So below is my first attempt, from her page of free patterns

I have found this so theraputic and relaxing to do.  I don't like the blue brads that hold the bag together, but will change these when I find something more suitable.  Ideally it is supposed to be held together with plastic needles, so I might invest in these in future.  The flower was copied from a design in the Pergamano Starter Kit Insruction Book.
Thanks for looking x